Have you ever stopped to think about all the personal information you store on your computer, be it passwords, financial records, personal documents, photos, research or the like? This data is all incredibly sensitive, making you a target for hackers and identity thieves. For this reason, ensuring that both your computer and network are secure should be of the utmost importance. At Techfix, we can help promote security by setting up a unique network name, encrypting your data, and establishing strong passwords.

Getting a new device, whether it is a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile, is always exciting, with users itching to test out their new piece of technology. We can get you up and running by taking care of the hassle of setting up the device, making it fully operational as required from the first time you use it. This includes installing security software, transferring personal information from existing devices, ensuring the latest updates have been performed and loading preferred programs.

Slow devices are the bane of our existence, and we understand how frustrating it can be to work with a sluggish machine. Over time as devices accumulate more and more data, it is only natural that speeds will drop, therefore we offer a tune up service to ensure you maintain optimal performance. We can optimise start up and shut down through tweaking of your settings, install updates and declutter your desktop and task bar, removing unused items. We are also able to clean your device to remove dust and debris which may be inhibiting its functionality.

It is amazing the amount of data we accumulate on our devices, much of which has been collated over several years. Can you imagine what would happen if this information were to be lost? What if you were unable to get it back? We can ensure that you aren’t risking its safety by ensuring you have an appropriate backup solution in place. This involves transfer of data to new devices and automating backup both externally via hard drive, and to the Cloud. In the event that your data is lost, be it deleted from a hard drive or in the event of a virus, we will seek to recover it using the backup that has been put in place.

We are able to set up and configure your email account with either a new or existing address. This also includes the configuration of multiple email accounts, archiving of old emails and optimisation of your account settings according to your preferences.

Techfix provides support for general issues you encounter in your day to day technology use, whether they be related to hardware or software. We are able to troubleshoot the issue to find a solution or recommend an alternative course of action. Included here is assessment of hardware and software issues, replacement of faulty parts, and reinstallation of corrupt software programs.

Properly functioning hardware is crucial to optimum device performance. Whether you require installation of new hardware purchased or an upgrade of your existing hardware, Techfix is able to help. Where your hardware requires replacement or upgrade, we are able to advise and assist with the supply of an appropriate component.
Techfix can also repair fault hardware, including internal components and damaged screens. Prior to handover, we will also test to ensure hardware is functioning as expected.

Techfix can alleviate the frustration of dealing with insurance documents by completing necessary forms on your behalf when there is an issue with your device that requires a warranty claim. We will assess the device, identifying the issue and the resulting damage, before writing a report detailing all necessary information. In addition, the report will also outline our suggested options for repair or replacement of the technology, which will be beneficial in speeding up the claim process.

The operating system (OS) is the crucial software responsible for supporting your device’s basic functions. We are able to install the latest version of OS software on your device, as well as performing updates if required. If by chance the OS has become corrupt, we will restore it to the factory default or reinstall it. When restored to factory default, it is possible to lose data stored on your device, however, we will safeguard against that by backing up your files and then returning them to their original location.

These days, it is not uncommon for multiple devices to be in use in the home at any one time. From computers, laptops and tablets to printers, it is likely that these devices will be used concurrently. Having a wireless network in your home will facilitate numerous benefits, including the sharing of an internet connection and ease of transfer of files between users. Techfix is able to set up wireless network between your devices, including non-traditional technologies such as smart TV’s or cameras. We can also create network share locations, meaning files can be accessed by any user from any device on the network.

Recently purchased some new equipment and not sure how to set it up? Techfix is able to configure technologies including scanners, printers, speakers, webcams and microphones and connect them to your laptop or computer. We are also able to provide training on how to use your new technology, so that you are able to get the best out of it.

There are a myriad of software programs on the market these days, each with different features aimed at serving a range of purposes. Techfix is able to install and configure new software and perform updates on that already being used on your device.

We understand that using new or unfamiliar technology can be both daunting and frustrating, but fear not, we can help! If you require assistance learning about any of your technology, we are able to run you through the basics in layman’s terms so it is easy to understand. We are more than happy to share our knowledge with you, all you have to do is ask!

Despite our best efforts at protecting our devices, viruses are still unfortunately quite commonplace. Whether they be resulting in annoying pop-ups or in extreme cases encrypting and restricting access to your data, it is vital that they are dealt with quickly and thoroughly in order to minimise the damage. We will locate and remove viruses and spyware before repairing any damage caused and ensuring that your security software is up to date to prevent future attacks.

Do you want to get your business, or yourself, online? We are able to register your domain name and facilitate management of all websites and emails you have. We can also facilitate transfer of any existing domains to the one account, meaning less hassle, as well as easier and cheaper renewal.

For managed customers, Techfix is able to provide ongoing remote support for all of your technology enquiries. Our team is available by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for troubleshooting and general queries. We are able to remote in to your computer to resolve internal issues while also talking you through the process.

Through our partner, POSmate, who specialise in Hospitality Point of Sale, we are able to offer you the best support in the industry, with the finest solutions and software, featuring easy to use interfaces. There software is fully editable and adjustable to your business and its needs and we have an entire development team working to ensure that your system is perfect. We only install the highest quality hardware so you have reliable systems and our reporting is easy to use, read and access. There are also a range of finance options available.